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If you are on Subscription, you probably know that you can download the software you’re subscribed to. Working as a technical CAD application administrator at work we make several deployment images of several Autodesk software like AutoCAD (vanilla), Map 3D, Civil 3D, Inventor Suite and more of these apllications where the install source on the media is getting bigger and bigger in size by the years. So to speed up the installations of the software we create ISO files of each install media and mount them though virtual media CD/DVD drivers. During one of our preparations of a deployment of Inventor Suite we discovered that the client deployment missed all the selected content libraries. This was a fault on the deployment and a work a round was soon published by Autodesk via their Knowledge Base.
Since it is possible to download the install media source we recently make use of this feature. Lately my collegae at work notified me that the download source is different then the the original delivered install media on CD/DVD. He discovered that the libraries of the Inventor 2010 Suite deployment were deployed correctly with the selected libraries when he uses the install source from the Subscription download pages.
We also had the same kind of problems with the content libraries of Civil 3D 2010. So knowing this I presumed that the download source would be changed for Civil 3D 2010 too.
And yes, it is. I just created a client deployment of Civil 3D 2010 with the downloaded install source from Autodesk Subscription web and the content libraries are correctly installed.

So the following install source from the Subscription web and from what I know now has changed to their benefits:

  • Inventor 2010 Suite
  • Civil 3D 2010

Thanks Autodesk.


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