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Appending or Merging Service Packs with Civil 3D 2011

When you create a network deployment, one of the interesting options I always found was the option to Append or Merge available Service Packs resp. onto the deployment or into the Administrative image msi file.

But what is the difference between Appending or Merging a service pack?

The difference is exactly as the option tell you:

Appending will append the supplied Service Packs onto the deployment, forcing the msi installation to re-run the installation process replacing files of the installed deployment with the ones delivered with the service pack

While merging will integrate the supplied Service Packs into the Administrative Image msi file. It will in fact do the same as above but only once, letting the installation to run on the client only once.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your deployment you choose one of the techniques. I prefer the Merge option so deployments only occur once on the client system.
Unfortunately due to a fault in the Setup of Civil 3D 2011, creating the network deployment of Civil 3D 2011 will not let you merge the service pack into the Administrative Image msi file.


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2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is doing awesome!.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 5,100 times in 2010. That’s about 12 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 17 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 88 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 3mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was October 27th with 69 views. The most popular post that day was Using Backburner with x64 based render farm.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for msi cleanup, surface point data from autocad drawing objects, landxml civil 3d feature lines, genio import/export extension, and 3ds max rendering using backburner.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Using Backburner with x64 based render farm July 2010


Importing AutoCAD Objects as Surface data points April 2010
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The new GENIO import/export extension tool for Civil 3D 2011 May 2010


Converting Civil 3D objects from Imperial to Metric (and vice versa) March 2010
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