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Use your iPad as an interactive whiteboard (IWB)

This is a bit off-topic.
Doing AutoCAD/Civil 3D trainings with my laptop and a big lcd screen or borrowed projector, I always use traditional whiteboards or flip-overs for extra explanation to support my presentation. Since I’m an iPad owner I was looking for something to replace those traditional whiteboards/flip-overs for something I could use on my iPad like the expensive interactive whiteboards nowadays do.

So I found a niffty app what can do this for me, and I want it to share it with you.

So do you own an iPad and do you want to use it as an interactive whiteboard tool for training purposes?
Then you should take a look at Doceri’s interactive whiteboard and remote control solution for the iPad.

I’m using it and it is an awesome and affordable IWB solution for small business.

With Doceri for iPad you get an interactive whiteboard (IWB) solution where you can use the iPad as a wireless writing tablet to make annotations/remarks to support your presentation.

So you don’t need any traditional whiteboards or flip-overs to support your presentation/training anymore. All annotations/remarks can be saved to distribute later to your attendees. Or even beter, those annotations/remarks can be revised and altered for later use.
You even have the possibility to record your written presentation up front and control the speed of replay and pause it at any moment you want.

How it works:
Doceri for iPad uses a piece of software, a so called streamer, which needs to be in place on your laptop to communciate with your iPad. Communication take place over the same (wifi) network and shows the display of your laptop on your iPad. Your iPad works with Doceri as a wireless remote control for your laptop. With Doceri for iPad you then can make annotations/remarks and store them for later usage. Kind of print screens, but with extra and intelligent functionality.

I’m not going into deep what Doceri for iPad can do. You can find more information here:

Doceri App Overview
How to use it with a Powerpoint presentation

An independant and good review is to find here and here.

Alternatives and choices:
There are numerous IWB solutions for the iPad available like Ink2Go and Splashtop Whiteboard. I’ve tested both but Doceri for iPad is far out the best of three.
The most important reasons:

  • it is very responsive. and that is a must have.
  • replay of your annotations/remarks and to control it speed.
  • pinch and zoom the display of your laptop on your iPad to make annotations/remarks more precise and more smooth. This will reslult in fine, and clear lines when drawing/writing the annotations/remarks.

What do you need?

  • iPad (generation 1+), having a stylus can be handy but it’s not necessary.
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • wifi network infrastructure


  • Doceri for iPad
  • Doceri Desktop for Windows / Mac
  • Wifi connection!!

Your iPad and your laptop should be on the same wifi network. If clients doesn’t give you access to their wifi network for security reasons, then you have 3 choices:

  • Create an Ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) wifi connection with your laptop. This is not easy and should be done with great care.
  • Don’t do an IWB session. ūüôā
  • Or purchase and use a portable wifi router like the huawei portable hotspot mifi router. Update: you can also use the hotspot function (if provided and supported by your provider) on your smartphone or iPhone.

Costs (besides the iPad/Laptop/Projector):

  • Doceri for iPad is available and can be downloaded for free from via iTunes .
  • A single license for Doceri Desktop for Windows / Mac cost (OT) $50,- per PC/Mac (update: price is lowered to $30,-). But the licenses is portable and can be transferred via your iPad to another PC/Mac. A 30-days trial is available here.
  • A portable hotspot mifi router will cost approx. $ 100,- .

As you can see, having and using interactive whiteboard tools are no longer only for large or big companies. As an individual I now have the tools to do interactive whiteboard sessions during my trainings or presentations.

What I really like using my iPad as an IWB tool is the freedom to move around in the class room when possible.

And that’s it folks. Happy interactive whiteboarding!


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