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AutoCAD WS supports Civil 3D drawings

Great news. At least for the mobile AutoCAD WS users.
AutoCAD WS, for the iPad at least, now supports Civil 3D drawings, and it works great.
When you open an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing in the AutoCAD WS app you will see the drawing in one of the 3 available Views: 2D, 3D Wireframe and 3D Solid. You can easily switch to either one of those Views.
If you have a Surface in the drawing, the 3D Solid View will show you the solids of the triangulation of the surface. Just like you would see when you make use of the Object Viewer by selecting the Surface within AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Switching to 2D View will show you the drawing in Plan View.
Switching to 3D Wireframe View will show you the drawing in 3D View showing Civil 3D objects like Feature Lines and probably more objects as I first have to test this more.

See: AutoCAD WS
See also below images made from my iPhone:




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Adoption of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with Microstation V8i (SELECTseries 3)

This video will show you how you can import a LandXML file containing a DTM surface into vanilla Microstation V8i (SELECTseries 3).


Yeah, I know. It has nothing to do with AutoCAD Civil 3D itself, besides that Civil 3D can export (and of course also import) LandXML files. So when you have a contractor or client or other project team using Microstation V8i (SELECTseries 3) you could share your Civil 3D TIN surface through LandXML export.

I really like this adoption of the LandXML DTM/TIN feature with Bentley’s flagship Microstation because it has all the functionality to change the style of the Surface and annotate it where needed in the drawing. You can not though change or alter the TIN surface in anyway. But in most cases you don’t need to alter the TIN surface when you are in a phase of the project when you need to create construction drawings and the existing or proposed ground surface does not change at all anymore.

I really would like to see this functionality in vanilla AutoCAD too.

Go see and check it out: Import LandXML into MicroStation V8i (SELECTsereis 3) and Annotate – Terrain Model  (via Twitter: @EnvisionCAD and @Blip)

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Unable to execute the tool – Fixing the Toolpalette

Here’s a quick remedy for the following error:

In AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012, when I want to insert a subassembly from the Toolpallette or Content Browser, I get this error:

I did not know what caused this error. But repairing or even re-installing the application did not solve the issue. At least for me it didn’t. I couldn’t find any solution from the Autodesk support website so I made a support request at Autodesk Subscription Tech Support. They replied: re-install the application. Well that didn’t work.
So I was delivered to the resources of the internet community. And that’s not bad as you may read right after the jump.

Out there on the web I read that it had something to do with the way you’ve made the installation, through manual installation or through network deployment. Working as a CAD application administrator I always use deployments because of the many installations we need to make. Looking further on the internet, I even found a blog page describing the same error and the solution for an AutoCAD MEP installation. Read here for their findings. Their solution was that within the User’s roaming Support\RegisteredTools folder I should have had the appropriate files in it.

So I made a manual (stand-alone) installation on another system and compared that with the network deployment. With the manual installation under the User’s roaming Support\RegisteredTools folder I found the right files in it as described before with the AutoCAD MEP installation. Where the network deployment installation did not had these files under the User’s roaming Support\RegisteredTools folder.

The location for Windows 7 or Vista is:
“C:\Users\<user account>\Roaming\App data\Autodesk\C3D 2012\enu\Support\RegisteredTools”.

So I’ve copied those files from the manual installation location to the network deployment installation location, started AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012, and there you go. Inserting subassemblies from the ToolPalette or even from the Content Browser did not gave me the “Unable to execute the tool” error anymore.

You can download these 3 .atc files here.

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